O2 Pursuit air powered motorcycle hits 80mph

While most of us might believe that electricity is the fuel of the future that will drive everything from bicycles to airplanes, there are a few who believe that good old air can do the trick too by giving you the convenience of high speed travel sans emissions. Dean Benstead is one of those few people who have come up with a fully working prototype of an air powered motorcycle that runs at 80mph on nothing more than a scuba tank.

Dubbed the O2 Pursuit, the zero emission motorcycle has an operating range of about 60 miles and refueling the scuba tank with compressed air takes only a few minutes, provided one finds a compressor that can do the trick. The prototype comes with a Yamaha WR250R frame, a compressed air engine developed by Australian company Engineair and a standard scuba diving tank.

Apart from being an eco friendly way to commute, provided we don’t count in the energy that goes into compressing all that air, the motorcycle doesn’t have any end of life impacts such as the problem related to the safe disposal of electric batteries.

Via: Coexist

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