World’s first completely black silicon solar cell promises enhanced output

Conventional solar cells are blue and have a degree of reflectivity attached with it too, which means that a share of sunshine hitting the panel is simply reflected back without being transformed into electricity. To solve the problem researchers at Natcore Technology have come up with the world’s first commercially-viable black silicon solar cell, which can virtually convert 100 percent of received sunlight into electricity.

The solar cell is based on the use of absolute black silicon wafers, which have near-zero reflectivity. Being just a component of a solar cell, the wafer doesn’t generate electricity on its own. To make it produce renewable energy, Natcore has joined forces with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to create efficient black silicon solar cells.

The absolute-black technology uses a chemical process instead of an expensive thermal process to achieve near-zero reflectivity. With a tenfold reduction in reflectivity, the solar cells can increase efficiency by up to 3 percent. Moreover, the technology is also helps in reducing the cost of solar cells hence produced.

Via: Inhabitat

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