Exhale Fans reinvents the humble ceiling fan with a new bladeless design

Ceiling fans have been around for more than a century, but even after more than 15 decades their basic design hasn’t seen much change. Ceiling fans are still only good for those sitting directly under their blades, while others in the corners of the room still get hot air. Exhale Fans is about to change all that with a new bladeless ceiling fan that actually works by creating a vortex inside your house.

Instead of spinning blades, the revolutionary fan uses the spinning of flat discs to create laminar movement making air move out and down the walls, circulating through the room a lot more evenly. On completing their downward journey, air is again pushed back into the center of the fan, creating a vortex pattern that evenly cools the interior space, while consuming a lot less energy than an air conditioner.

The fan is powered by a highly efficient DC motor with a six speed wireless remote. Another advantage of the fan is that since it doesn’t come with blades, its operation is virtually silent and even the motor that powers it up has been designed to be as quiet as possible.

Via: Gizmag

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