Expand concept electric car parks a personal transportation vehicle inside

Replacing the bulky gas-fueled engine in a car with in-wheel electric motors and a set of batteries, give concept designers the opportunity to play a lot more with the design of the car. Auto designer Luiz Antonelli thinks that in the future an electric car will have everything from a hidden personal transportation vehicle and it will also be able to expand to accommodate additional passengers. The designer has visualized his thoughts and has come up with Expand – a concept electric car designed for Volkswagen.

The Volkswagen Expand has been designed for use in the year 2042. The zero-emission electric vehicle is propelled forward by in-wheel electric motors. Apart from expanding to fit in additional passengers or extra cargo, the car also comes with a removable front wheel that doubles as a personal transportation system, something similar to a Segway. The possibilities are limitless, but the technology is too futuristic.

Via: YankoDesign

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