Sustainable fishing net lets young fish pass through illuminated exits

The Sustainable Fishing Net by design graduate Dan Watson aims to save young fish that accidently get trapped in fishing nets. Watson believes that up to half of the fish caught in the North Sea near the UK are too young to bring in to the market and are simply thrown back into the sea dead, which results in a rapid depletion of the overall fish stock.

With overfishing becoming an environmental issue, the problem gets worse for nations that rely on sea life for their food supply. Watson believes that the SafetyNet might reduce the number of young fish that accidently get trapped in nets, by showing them illuminated exits out of the net.

The fishing net comes has a battery powered construction with small exit holes stitched along with the net. The LED lights illuminate the exits and show young fish a way to get out of the net much before the net is pulled up. The eco friendly product has earned Watson this year’s James Dyson Award too.

Via: Dvice

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