Ridekick’s trailer makes any bike run on electricity

Bicycling to work rather than driving a car has a lot of advantages, the two most commonly felt ones are saving some cash that you would have spent on the gas station and reducing some extra pounds off your waistline. However, nobody likes to arrive at the workplace all covered in sweat, unless you’re wearing something like Columbia’s Omni-Freeze Zero.

Colorado-based Ridekick International has tried to solve all woes with a new trailer that is powered by electricity. Similar to a conventional trailer, which you use to carry out some personal stuff in, the new trailer features a 42-liter lockable storage compartment that contains a 500W electric motor and a sealed lead acid battery rated at 24V and 12Ah.

Priced at $699, the trailer attaches to any non-electric bike’s rear wheel axle using a simple linkage system. Attaching the trailer takes only a few seconds after which you’re ready to zip through difficult terrain with ease. Ridekick’s simple throttle hooks easily to the handlebars allowing you to control the speed. The company states that the trailer can allow you to ride at a top speed of 19mph for 10-12 miles – all on electricity.

Via: Revmodo

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