Copenhagen to soon get an eco friendly mini city just for kids

Most kids fantasy a world where there are no adults and no one to tell them to stop doing things that they love to. Well, while for most kids this dream stays as a dream, lucky kids in Copenhagen will soon be able to get their dream fulfilled courtesy of architecture firms COBE, NORD Architects, PK3 and engineering firm Grontmij. The architecture firms have won a competition to build the largest preschool and daycare center in Denmark, which will be constructed as a mini city with its own neighborhoods, houses, public spaces, squares, parks, stadium and even a fire station.

The city will allow kids to do absolutely anything the way they like. Kids here will be able to conduct a musical event in the city hall and even create their own menus for the restaurant by helping chefs in gathering food from the rooftop greenhouse. Dubbed Prinsessegade Kindergarten, the city aims to improve the interaction between buildings and trees by using the existing trees to create a shared green space within the city.

The city’s restaurant will be a place for kids up to the age of 6 to eat together. Here kids will be assisting the chefs to assemble lunches as well as nurturing the sunflowers and tomatoes on the rooftop garden. The City Hall will be open for musical shows and will be partly powered by the photovoltaic panels installed on the rooftop. To give kids their first lessons in creativity, the city also includes a factory that is a multistory space for kids aged between 7 and 13.

Via: Architizer

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