TimberTower enhances wind turbines’ eco credentials with wooden construction

Wind turbines, though essential for a clean energy powered world, aren’t that clean when their construction process is considered. With the world recognizing the true potential of wind energy and investing billions of dollars in the industry annually, more steel is being used in the wind turbine industry than in shipbuilding. Producing steel requires an enormous amount of energy and releases a large amount of CO2 into the atmosphere.

To better the credentials of wind turbines a German company called TimberTower is experimenting with an all-new wind turbine design by installing the world’s first wooden wind turbine tower in Hanover. The company claims that the wooden construction will allow the turbine to sequester 400 tons of CO2 while generating clean energy.

The TimberTower is made using glued laminated timber panels, which are assembled onsite into a closed and hollow body in different cross-sections. The company claims that the wood used for the construction comes from sustainable and socially responsible sources. The first tower installed in Hanover is about 100 meters in height and capable of producing enough energy to power 1000 urban homes.

Even with the wooden construction, the TimberTower is expected to meet all requirements for insurance, certifications and fire protection. The TimberTower is guaranteed to last a minimum of 20 years, after which the wooden panels can easily be recycled.

Via: Inhabitat

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