‘Puur Zuiveren’: Low tech system purifies water using clay bowls

While people living in the urban world get to use high-tech water purification systems that can remove all traces of unwanted materials from water, conditions in the developing and underdeveloped parts of the world are just the opposite. More than a billion people in the world don’t have access to clean drinking water and millions die each year just because of diseases that are easily preventable.

Dutch designer Lukas Jager wants to make purified water available in all parts of the world with an innovative yet low-tech water filtration system called the “Puur Zuiveren”, which means “Pure Purifying”. The inexpensive system consists of a series of ceramic bowls that sit on plywood stands. The bowl is made using clay mixed with sawdust. Once the bowls are ready, they are fired at 850 degrees Celsius making the sawdust burn and leave behind pores in the clay bowl through which purified water can seep through.

To extend the shelf life of the final product and also remove remaining traces of bacteria, colloidal silver is added to the bowls. The bowls according to the designer can filter water at a fast rate and since it’s being made from very affordable materials, the bowls can be used in all parts of the world where clean water is a major problem.


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