Most amazing pedal powered machines

Bicycles and tricycles, undoubtedly, are the greenest mode of transportation, letting you go from point A to point B without emitting any carbon dioxide or consuming any fossil fuel. While the humble bicycle is sure to make a comeback as the primary mode of transportation due to the rising prices of fuel and concerns about global warming and climate change, there are a few ingenious minds who believe pedal powered vehicles aren’t just for riding and can easily be used to make machines that require nothing but pedal power to operate. Here is a list of some of the most fascinating machines made with bicycles.

  • BicyClean electronic waste recycling machine

The BicyClean is a highly modified bicycle with a rear wheel replaced with a processing chamber. The machine can be operated by a single person who can add circuit boards to a feed tube that leads to a chamber where the boards are grinded and become pulverized. The pieces then pass over a magnet that extracts metal particles from it. The machine can extract metallic components, which can easily be recycled.

  • Velopresso coffee cart

The brainchild of designer Amos Field Reid and Lasse Oiva, Velopresso is a pedal-powered coffee making machine that lets the user sell quality espresso and its derivatives without any electricity connection. The Velopresso is based on a custom trike frame, where the operator can switch between gears to either power the trike and reach his destination or drive the coffee grinder. The nearly silent coffee cart has ultra low carbon emissions and doesn’t make use of electricity or grinders.

  • The Unknitting Machine

Making the task of reclaiming yarn from old clothes easier than ever, the Unknitting Machine by student designer Imoges Hedges, is made using an old bicycle frame, a few bicycle chains and a bicycle wheel. The machine lets the un-knitter pedal slowly to unravel the thread from the woolen clothing item, which is then wound over a series of brackets mounted on the wheel.

  • Peddlars Creamery ice cream making machine

Thought by LA resident Edward Belden, the Peddlars Creamery uses a modified adult tricycle to carry an ice cream maker which runs on the power supplied by the pedals. The designer states that producing 2 gallons of organic ice cream on this off-the-grid machine requires the equivalent of three miles of bike riding.

  • Cyclo-Phone music machine

Designed by Marcelo Ertorteguy and Sara Valente, the Cyclo-Phone is a bicycle powered music machine which lets users create unique rhythms simply by pedaling the bicycle at different speeds. The machine is made using a plastic tub with eight PVC pipes attached to it. The pedal mechanism is connected to a rubber flap that slaps on the PVC pipes at different lengths to create different sounds.

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