Caruth Boulevard Residence is all about luxury and sustainability

While our common interpretation of a luxurious home is one that comes with all types of appliances and systems that put energy efficiency at stake simply to give more comfort to the residents of the dwelling, Dallas-based architect Tom Reisenbichler is proving us wrong by designing a luxurious house in Dallas, Texas, that comes with a plethora of environmentally friendly credentials.

The LEED Gold certified modern house spoils you with luxury without hurting the environment a lot. The exquisite residence is built around iconic trees blends well with the natural ecosystem. Some of the most interesting eco friendly features include wooden walls in the kitchen and relaxing area to create a peaceful ambience and a wooden ceiling on the outside to help the residence carry on with the natural setting of the site.

Using recycled materials in construction of this beautifully green home, the architect also states that the house comes with a photovoltaic solar panel array that produces a part of the total energy consumed by the house. Moreover, to further add to its green portfolio, the house also includes a rich collection of native plants that are drought tolerant.

Via: Decoist

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