World’s largest treetop walkway gives visitors a bird’s eye view of nature

While for most kids climbing a tree to check out the surroundings could be a daily exercise, adults, the ones who are more concerned about their safety, want something like a treetop walkway for the same. To help such people get a bird’s eye view of the natural environment, the Bavarian Forest National Park in Neuschönau, Germany has the world’s longest treetop walkway that takes up the shape of a giant egg.

The spiraling tower is built around three equally gigantic fir trees and has a winding ramp of more than 500 feet long. The 44-meter tall tower has a circumference of 38 meters and promises to give “riskless adventure” to the visitors as the entire walkway is protected by a wooden fence along with transparent nets. Being wheelchair=accessible, the ramp is a treat for the entire family.

However, for those of us who still like a little adrenalin rush in our lives, a series of wooden and rope bridges along with some other challenges are also available to reach all the way to the top in much lesser time. Once visitors reach the summit, something which not all the visitors do, they’re treated with the pristine views of the mountains of Lusen and Rachel along with the Bavarian and Bohemian forests.

Via: Inhabitat/Inthralld

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