Aquaponics Garden: A self-sufficient aquaponics system on top of a fish tank

We all love to grow some fresh herbs in our kitchen garden and we all love to have a fish tank. Combining both these interests, designers over at Back to The Roots, have created an innovative product, dubbed the Aquaponics Garden, which essentially is an elegantly designed table top fish tank with an aquaponics system on top.

The closed-loop ecosystem lets owners grow selected herbs and even flowers organically, without adding any extra fertilizers or even worrying about watering these plants. All the user has to do is to feed the fish and as the fish poo and pee inside the tank, the wastewater gets broken down by bacteria into nutrients. This water is then pumped up and upcycled as organic fertilizer for the plants growing above.

The plants take up the nutrients and hence clean the water after which water again falls back down for the fish inside the tank. The most interesting part is that the user doesn’t have to clean the water daily because of the plants. The system features a three-gallon fish tank which can be used for up to 3 fish and the top carries five pods with pebbles and no soil.

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