Solar powered club house and restaurant could give Flecheiras Jardins resort a green look

With dwindling energy resources, architects are trying hard to come up with sustainable developments that run on renewable sources of energy and hence put a check on the carbon footprint. Working on the same lines, Italian architect Luca Fornaroli is proposing to build a new club house and restaurant inside the resort of Flecheiras Jardins, which will allow visitors to interact with the surrounding environment in an eco friendly fashion.

Shaped by the terrain, the landscape and the wind, the new building’s various functions hug the pool and at the same time stay connected with the staggered planes. The foyer opens a view of the entire resort and is framed by the stairs to enhance the experience. The foyer also leads to the restaurant and the panoramic terrace on the left and also to the club and the sports arena on the right side.

The roof of the building is composed of photovoltaic panels that are interposed between two distinct layers of glass. The foliage, apart from generating renewable energy, also protects from sun and weather. The club area rises on the landscape and surrounds the pool at different altitudes. This unique design maximizes interaction while simplifying the understanding of the different areas for the visitors.

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