Solar powered floating schools in Bangladesh bring education to the doorsteps

While in the developed parts of the world students get access to modern teaching facilities, children in some rural parts of the world, such as in rural Bangladesh, don’t have the resources to even reach the nearest school. To help provide education to even the poorest in Bangladesh, a non-profit organization Shidhulai Swanivar Sangstha has introduced solar powered floating schools in Bangladesh to ensure that if children cannot come to school the school can come to the children.

The schools are built on boats that collect students from riverside villages and dock at a final destination to provide on-board small-group instruction. After classes are done, the boats take students back to their homes and pick up the next group. Each boat school has a classroom for 30 students, an internet-linked laptop, a library and electronic resources to provide basic primary education up to grade IV.

The schools are equipped with laptops that encourage children to learn about new technology, check emails and visit online education websites. Moreover, with solar powered lighting, the school can function at all times. Students attending the school also get a recharge solar lantern, which they can use to study after dark.

In the evenings, the school boats project educational programs onto sail cloths which students and their parents can watch from the comfort of their own backyards. The educational project is funded from fisheries, crops and the conversion of kerosene lamps into solar powered lanterns. Till date almost 70,000 children have benefited from this unique educational project.

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