Solar powered concept printer lets you print anywhere

While we do regularly encourage our readers to stop printing each and every document that is emailed to them to reduce the number of trees that are cut to make paper, we do usually have to have a hard copy of some very important documents. If this is the case, apart from making use of recycled paper, you can make a difference to the environment with a printer that consumes less energy.

With recent advancements in solar panel technology giving designers the opportunity to think of products that rely on thin-film photovoltaic cells, there has been a plethora of eco friendly concept products that run on clean solar electricity. The most recent and perhaps one of the most useful for an office-goer is the Solar Printer by industrial designer Miguel Liberal Olcoz.

The concept printer can easily fit in your office bag and features solar cells on its top that harvest solar energy to allow you to print those important documents anywhere. Users only have to feed paper into the slot provided and the device churns out prints in just a few seconds. While the details are scant, we do believe that the concept is designed to store solar energy in an onboard battery for late night prints too.

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