Bugatti TypeZero all-electric concept sportscar to test the potential of lithium-air batteries

Researchers and automobile manufacturers have for decades envisioned the possibility of powering electric cars with highly energy efficient and powerful lithium-air batteries. However, limited by technology, the idea never really went beyond the books of the designers. It’s only just now that manufacturing methods and materials have started to make the idea look more practical and researchers over the globe are coming up with technologies that could finally realize the dream of a car powered by lithium-air batteries.

Working on the same lines French designer Marc Devauze has come up with the Bugatti TypeZero concept sportscar, which according to its name is a zero-emission vehicle powered by electricity. Inspired by the Bugatti Type 35 racer, the single-seat sportscar comes with four electric motors, one powering each wheel, that run on the energy supplied by the lithium-air battery pack onboard. Lithium-air batteries with high energy output seem ideal for high-performance clean vehicles such as this concept sportscar.

The vehicle’s battery pack is located either side of the driver and can easily be removed through separate openings, which gives the drivers the possibility to easily swap discharged batteries with charged ones during a race.

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