Orange-powered bulb looks great, isn’t practical

Right from the time innovative minds started tinkering with fruits and vegetables to produce renewable energy as a result of the chemical reaction between zinc and bio-acids, designers have tried to replicate the processes for the most astounding results. While you might be playing with potatoes to produce enough charge for your iPod, photographer Caleb Charland uses the chemical mix to come up with stunning long-exposure photographs.

The latest and perhaps the most interesting project of the photographer is this orange powered bulb which has been made using a single orange with zinc nails attached to each segment and connected in series. The zinc nails react with the citric acid in the orange to produce a small amount of electricity to power the bulb. Don’t just start peeling oranges to decorate your home, as the charge is quite less and the above image is a result of a 14-hour exposure.

Via: Dvice

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