Hirobo’s one-man helicopter lets you fly for 30 minutes on electricity

While there is no dearth of automobile manufacturers who’re playing around with the idea of cars that can also fly, a Japanese company has come up with a single-seat helicopter to reduce traffic congestion woes. The single-seat helicopter doesn’t make much noise and is completely emission-free, thanks to its electric powerhouse.

The helicopter was showcased at an expo in Nagoya and can travel at a top speed of 100kph and can operate for 30 minutes. Designed to be used as a personal transportation system and emergency relief operations, is the successor of the company’s unmanned gasoline-powered helicopter that was touted to be the smallest in the world.

According to the company the all-electric personal helicopter will be sold for $375,000, with the unmanned models costing about $120,000. The company is now planning to build a two-seater variant that too could be powered by electricity alone.

Via: Inhabitat

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