Insects made from discarded watch parts show the beauty of the mechanical world

There is no dearth of innovative and creative ways in which old products and parts can be recycled. With limitless possibilities, we regularly inform you about the latest and the most interesting ways old stuff lying around in your cabinet can be put to good use. The latest on these lines has come from Jason Gershenson-Gates, a Chicago-based jeweler, who has created unique insects from discarded watch parts and dead automotive light bulbs.

Jason had been playing around with toys right from his childhood days when he disassembled toys to see what’s going on inside, but like most of us, he couldn’t really manage to put the pieces back together. While some of us start to learn about assembling parts to create the same product, Jason now takes apart old watches collected from all over the world, but doesn’t really create a watch from it. Rather, he creates stunning pieces of art in the form of mechanical creepy crawlers.

The idea came to him after he created a fragile spider and insect legs from the delicate parts of a discarded watch. After creating his first project Jason never looked back and created more insects from the same materials. Today Jason has an entire range of incredibly detailed insects made from parts of old watches and some dead light bulbs.

Via: Oddity Central

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