Pod concept lets urban dwellers grow and maintain plants easily

Researchers over the globe believe that most people will abandon their villages and start living in the urban world seeking a better lifestyle in the decades to come. However, our love for growing and nurturing plants could come to an end because of this mass migration as the land sources available for farming are much less than what they are on the countryside.

The situation could well change if concepts, such as the Pod, can be realized. Designed by a group of students from the Victoria University of Auckland, the Pod is a fogponic system that encourages a healthier lifestyle and makes gardening a lot more dynamic. The concept is aimed towards people with limited or no outdoor gardening space. The Pod concept lets you grow and maintain your plants from the comfort of your own living room.

The Pod is ideal for growing a wide range of plants indoors using fogponic technique. The technique is based on the use of a nutrient rich solution that is vaporized to transfer nutrients and oxygen to the suspended plant roots. The system makes use of an ultrasonic fogger to create 5-10 micron particles of nutrient solution in vaporized form within the center of the unit. A microprocessor controls a fan that manages the fog levels within the pods.

The concept has been designed as a modular product to allow multiple units to be grouped together for growing more plants. This also creates a communal setting, where people can come together to exchange their plants and recipes.

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