BIO Istanbul Campus sustainable development to harness Earth’s energies

Architecture firm AllesWirdGut, along with Transsolar and urban planner Tom Matton, has proposed an eco friendly development to transform the outskirts of Istanbul into a thriving new development at human scale. Christened the BIO Istanbul Campus, the new office and R & D space has been designed with the consideration of its environmental impact.

Dedicated to minimize the required inputs of energy, water and food along with CO2 emissions, the concept provides great flexibility of spaces and minimizes electrical energy consumption for artificial lighting by making use of natural sunlight to illuminate the interior space.

Designed to prove the common conception that urban systems aren’t environmentally sustainable, the new development lets people and resources come close to each other to possibly save energy and resources such as food, transportation and fuel. The network of public spaces and dynamic buildings create a self-sufficient and self-supporting community where commercial and retail facilities, recreational and leisure facilities are located close to each other.

To further reduce energy consumption, factors such as vegetation, light-reflecting colors and water features are brought to play. To better the ambience for visitors sunlight filtering façade has been designed that floods the interior space with natural light.

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