Venue for the finals of 2014 FIFA World Cup will have seats made from coke bottles

We all know that plastic takes hundreds of thousands of years, if ever, to decompose. However, these figures don’t stop a majority of the urban population to buy drinking water bottles and cold drinks that come in the same containers. With billions of plastic bottles disposed after a single use each year, plastic waste is getting on the minds of all environmentalists.

Coca-Cola, which has already pledged to reduce the environmental footprint during the 2014 FIFA World Cup by increasing the culture of recycling, has now launched a sustainability project to collect and recycle plastic bottles. Around 100 collection points have been set up in Rio, the produce of which will be reused in the linings of 6773 seats in the New Maracana Stadium – the venue for the final match of the World Cup.

The idea will definitely be appreciated by Brazilians, 92 percent of which believe that the 2014 FIFA World Cup should be environmentally friendly and 50 percent think that the stadiums should have proper recycling and disposal systems.

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