Waterproof sandcastles that don’t wash away, courtesy bacteria

One of the most common sight on beaches around the world are children making their fantasies come to reality in the form of sandcastles that take hours of your kid’s labor to come to shape. However, once a large wave hits the shore, the sandcastle again goes back in your child’s dream. A team of designers have now discovered a way to make sandcastles that are waterproof and solid, meaning they won’t wash away.

The brainchild of designers at French studio Bold-Design, the Memorabilia Factory is a working concept kit that comes with a mold, a bacterial solution and a calcifying agent. The process starts as a sand mold with the bacteria and calcifying agent added to the mix. The result is a product of biological calcification that is as hard as rock and entirely waterproof, further reinforced by a microscopic lattice of calcium carbonate crystals.

Presently, the Memorabilia Factory is a touring art installation, allowing people on a vacation to take home their own sand souvenirs. However, we’d like the team to scale up the process and may be one day we could have one-piece homes created from nothing more than calcified sand.

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