FreshPaper: Magical paper claims to keep fruits and veggies fresh twice as long

According to recent statistics about a fourth of the total food produced all over the world is lost to spoilage, an often overlooked problem in a world where millions die each year because of hunger. While innovative technologies are being developed to address the issue, researchers at Fenugreen claim to have come up with a magical paper, called FreshPaper, that can keep fruits and vegetables fresh for at least twice as long.

The secret behind the paper is a blend of organic Indian spices that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth to keep food fresh for longer. The exact ingredients are a trade secret, but according to the inventor the spices have been used for generations in India to increase the life of fruits and vegetables. Preserving food with these magical sheets is surprisingly easy. All the user has to do is to place a sheet at the bottom of a fruit bowl, fridge drawer or anywhere else, and place food items directly onto it.

As long as the sheet emits a maple-like odor, it means it’s active and once that odor is gone, something that happens after a couple of weeks, the smell will fade and the biodegradable sheet should be replaced. FreshPaper is currently being sold for around $5 for a pack of eight sheets.

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