The Connector Project: Self-sustaining bus stops for future urbanities

With environmentalists encouraging residents of the urban world to give up private transportation and make use of public transportation systems for a healthier environment, designers are coming up with highly advanced concept bus stops that could provide all information that new public transportation users can benefit from. The Connector Project by designer Andy Florkowski aims to give residents of Christchurch in New Zealand a bus stop that is more than a place for people to wait.

The concept harbors the opportunity to engage, inform and offer something more to the community. The bus stop is actually an adaptive and multi-use civic space that can keep visitors informed and safe. The bus stop features live digital screens that provide citizens with up to the minute bus timetables and localized information about upcoming events and public notices with civil defense instructions to be followed in the event of a disaster.

The bus stops harvest rainwater for use in washrooms and for growing herbs on their walls. The fresh herbs are made available to the community. The bus stop also comes with photovoltaic panels, the energy generated by which, is stored in batteries underneath the structure.

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