Luminair’s lightweight tree tents take cues from zeppelin engineering

For all those who love to spend some quality weekend time in the lap of nature, Luminair has come up with lightweight tree tents, designed in the form of cocoons that are crafted from hybrid aluminum and steam-bend ash. Giving campers the ability to camp high above the ground, the low-impact tents are large enough for a couple of sleep comfortably and are constructed using recycled and other eco friendly materials.

Created after years of hard work and research, the team at Luminair sought inspiration from zeppelin engineering and early lightweight aircraft designs to come up with the lightweight Tree Tents. The easily transportable shelters can be installed on a tree with minimum effort.

Made on aluminum and green ash frame, the shelter is encased in a tailored cotton canvas with 100 percent wool winter thermal liners for warmth. The shelter can also be configured to make use of renewable electricity for all power needs.

Via: Inhabitat

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