Most endangered trees on Earth asking for your kind attention

Whenever environmentalists say that a species is endangered, most people think that the conversation is heading towards tigers or other animals that are facing the threat of extinction. However, just like some animal species, there are certain species of trees that too could be a thing of the past if immediate action is not taken to protect them. Here are some of the most beautiful trees, which are on the endangered list and hence need your help.

  • The Dragon Tree [Dracaena Draco]

The Dragon Tree is one of the most unique trees in the world with prickly leaves and white-green flowers. The tree produces brown berries that can be recovered into a red sweet substance. Native to the Canary Islands, Cape Verde, Madeira, and locally in western Morocco, the tree is also the natural symbol of the island of Tenerife. Each branch of this tree grows for about 10-15 years and then re-branches so that a mature plant that has an umbrella-like shape is formed. The tree gives off an aura that only a few selected plants can match. With a rich history, the tree is now facing extinction and is towards the top on the list of endangered tree species. While there is no single reason for this tree’s dark future, researchers believe that since animals, like goats, rats and rabbits, feed on the tree’s seedlings, it gets extremely hard for the tree to regenerate. Moreover, the tree has always been susceptible to fires.

  • The Monkey Puzzle [Araucaria Araucana]

The Monkey Puzzle is the national tree of Chile, however due to excessive logging, grazing and fires, forests once made of Monkey Trees are slowly diminishing. Native to central and southern Chile along with western Argentina, the tree is also sometimes described as a living fossil due to the species’ great age and rich history. The tree produces nuts that native people and animals often eat. The tree can grow to a height of about 131 feet but has a very slender trunk. The timber of this tree is mostly used for building bridges, roofs, boat structures and furniture. The species made it to the endangered list because of its high quality of timber, for which many forests have been cut down and used as tree farms.

  • The Baobab Tree [Adansonia]

Another tree with a rich history is the Baobab Tree or the money bread tree. The tree can reach a height of up to 30 meters and has a trunk diameter of up to 11 meters. The tree produces a comparatively large fruit with a width of up to 17 inches with a dry powdery pulp inside. The fruit has a variety of medicinal and food uses. The tree is on the endangered list due to a variety of reasons, the most common of which is droughts within the natural habitat of these trees. Moreover, native people often cut down these trees and use their trunks to store water. Since not many people are really caring about replacing the trees which have been cut down for various uses, only a small number are left.

  • Bois Dentelle

The Bois Dentelle is one of the most beautiful trees in this list. However, only two of these trees are believed to be in existence today, both of which are in Mauritius. Unlike the Baobab Tree, this one isn’t big and bulky but is small and bears flowers that are unique. The flowers are extremely unique and blossom only between January and March. Though no one is exactly sure as to how the tree ended up on the endangered list, the common conception is that the tree population declined because of an alien invasive species that slowly took over the trees’ natural habitat.

  • Saint Helena Gumwood [Commidendrum Robustum]

Though the Saint Helena Gumwood is now on the endangered list, it was once the most abundant tree of the mid-elevations of the Island of Saint Helena in the South Atlantic Ocean. With a small height of up to 8 meters, the tree was mercilessly cut for fuel in the early years of settlement on the Island by the East India Company. Moreover, in the year 1991, the population of the tree was hurt when the jacaranda bug attached them and took sap from the trees and promoted the growth of black mold.

Trees aren’t mostly considered when we think about the environment and the species that are facing extinction. This is the reason people mostly cut down trees while building new homes or commercial establishments. To prevent the rich biodiversity of our ecosystem it becomes the responsibility to every individual to think before they cut down trees mercilessly. We encourage our readers to get the site on which they’re planning to build surveyed by expert tree surveyors . This will help make sure that you don’t cut down trees that are healthy and don’t pose any danger to your new building. Moreover, you can also be sure that the tree in your property isn’t on the endangered list and you’re not contributing to the extinction of a species.

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