Velosphere electric bike comes with a solar charging tent

With dwindling resources of conventional fuel, coupled with rising traffic on the highways and rising carbon emissions, bicycles are sure to make a comeback. With increasing ecological lifestyles, modern day residents are choosing bicycles are the preferred way to commute. Automotive designers too believe that modern electric bicycles are a good choice for the people living in city centers and have taken up the opportunity to come up with a range of concept electric bikes with different types of capabilities.

Working on the same lines designer Sencer Ozdemir has come up with the Velosphere E-Bike, a sleek electric road bike with the durability of a mountain bike. The electric bike hides all electrical systems to give the concept a more classy finish. The electric batteries are neatly hidden from view inside the rear wheel’s rim and the metal rim at the center of the wheel connects the batteries to the electric engine and the electrical module system.

The batteries can easily be removed from the frame by simply opening the reflector part of the rim. The unique aspect of this concept comes in the form of a tent-like structure that carries highly efficient photovoltaic cells. When parked, the bicycle’s tent can be attached to the frame. The elliptical shape covers the entire bike and maximizes the solar energy generating surface area that can charge the onboard batteries throughout the day without losing the movement of the sun’s rays.

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