Electree+ solar charger blends eco technology with art

While the markets today are particularly flooded with solar energy chargers for mobile devices, most of them carry the conventional brick-shape, which tightly fit in your pocket. Giving solar energy chargers an aesthetically pleasing look, Electree+ has taken up the shape of a bonsai tree. The strikingly different design enables you to place the charger in your living room as a piece of eco friendly art to inspire others to follow the green route.

Talking about its functionality, the Electree+ packs some serious power too. The device features 27 high-quality amorphous silicon square solar panels as leaves, which collectively generate electricity, when under the sun, to recharge an internal 14,000mAh battery. Once fully charged, something that happens in 36 hours of sun exposure, the charger can fuel up your iPhone 5 nine times, a Galaxy S3 about seven times and an iPad 2 two times.

The Electree+ releases power through two USB ports, giving you the ability to simultaneously charge your cell phone and your tablet computer with the stored energy. The team behind this artistic solar energy charger is presently crowd funding to raise adequate funds for the full production run. You can pre-order the device starting at $199, depending on what kind of optionals you actually want.

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