Architects propose leaf-shaped Market Squares in Morocco to harvest rainwater

The souq or open-air marketplaces are a common sight in Morocco. However, since the marketplaces are the center of attraction for the natives, they’re quite polluted as well. TomDavid Architects from The Netherlands are now proposing to change the look of the souq in Morocco with a more sustainable design featuring leaf-shaped shelters that capture and recycle rainwater and also direct trash to underground bins.

The clever design includes an elevated platform shaded by leaf-shaped canopies and an underground storage for rainwater and trash. The open air credentials promote eco friendly ventilation, while the canopy provides shade from direct summer sun. The Casablanca Sustainable Market Square’s high quality concrete leaf canopies are light, slim and yet perfectly strong. The interior sides of the leaves are lined with golden tiles paying heed to the local culture.

The canopy collects and stores all rainwater in underground containers that supply the necessary water for plumbing and cleaning the pavements. Moreover, between the column chutes are places that direct trash to underground bins where they can be stored and hence disposed in a sustainable way.

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