Inspired by African Beetle, NBD Nano creates self-filling water bottle

If some of the most innovative and groundbreaking products of all time are analyzed, most of them will seem to be inspired by nature in one form or the other. Gathering valuable insights from the African Beetle, scientists at NBD Nano are claiming to have developed a technology that could create a groundbreaking water bottle that fills itself up using water from the atmosphere.

There is a lot of water in the air around us, which not many of us really count on as a drinking source. However, for people living in arid parts of the world, where millions die each year with no access to water, this technology would definitely be welcomed with both hands. The secret behind this innovation is based on cues from the Namib Desert Beetle that has its shell covered in tiny bumps which soak in humidity from the air and as water condenses it its directed into its mouth. The same technology has been used to develop the bottle and can also be used as tent covers to collect even more water.

The company is confident that the revolutionary self-filling water bottle will be on the markets by 2014.

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