Solar Suntree: Tree-shaped solar charger has a handmade bamboo trunk

Industrial designers seem to be impressed with the way trees convert sunlight into usable energy for themselves and hence have often tried to mimic the properties of a natural tree to develop solar chargers that can be used to power portable electronic devices. We’ve recently reported about the Electree+ solar charger inspired by trees and today we have another similar product, dubbed the Solar Suntree.

Designed by XDDesign, the portable solar charger, which takes up the shape of a tree has nine solar panels attached to it as its leaves. The eye-catching device comes with a powerful 1350mAh lithium battery onboard, which is recharged whenever the charger is placed under the sun. Though, the charger isn’t being claimed to be suitable for tablet computers, it can definitely help you recharge your Smartphone with energy collected from the sun.

The most striking element of this solar battery charger is its trunk, which has been handmade using bamboo. The solar charger outputs energy using a USB and a mini-USB port, making it compatible with a wide variety of portable electronic devices such as Smartphones and MP3 players.

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