BlackTree: An artificial tree designed to harvest solar energy to power electronics

Conceived by Serbian designer Miloš Milivojevic, the BlackTree is a tree-like electronic gadget charger that harvest solar energy using a distinctly large photovoltaic panel. Installed in a park in Belgrade, the system was created for renewable energy company Strawberry Energy. Conceived as an artificial tree that transforms solar energy into usable electricity, the installation allows passers-by to recharge their portable electronic gadgets in an eco friendly way.

The tree-like structure also includes a wooden bench underneath, where the visitors can come and relax while their portable electronic gadgets are being charged using renewable electricity. Charging points on stretchy cords hang from the metal bar onto the bench, giving users the convenience to charge their gadgets on the bench. The design is inspired by everyday habits and likes of people who love to sit under a tree using the nature as a shelter from the sun.

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