SeedPod: Interactive farming module brings miniature farms to your living room

While in the rural parts of the world, people mostly grow the food items that they have to eat, thereby helping in reduction of CO2 emission related to food transport, conditions in the urban parts of the world are entirely different. People here have to depend on food grown hundreds of miles away from their homes. Addressing the problem of sustainable eating for city dwellers, Jennifer Broutin at the MIT Media Laboratory has come up with modular miniature farms that can allow urban residents with small living spaces to grow their own food.

The vertical modular planters are scalable and their size can easily be increased to accommodate more plants. The interactive farming modules are high on technology too and make use of sensors, robotic components and energy capture devices to help residents take care of their plans. The aeroponic system can be used to grow a variety of vegetables, plants and herbs using no pesticides and with less fertilizers and soil.

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