BMW ePatrol Concept neatly hides three drones within

Designed by BMW Group DesignworksUSA for the 2012 LA Auto Show Design Challenge, the ePatrol concept car runs on alternative energy and aims to give law enforcement agencies an edge over others. The concept car designed for California Highway Patrol comes with three hidden drones, one of which is able to fly.

The other two drones, which are attached to the rear of the ePatrol vehicle, can also be deployed to chase the suspect and report back data to the main structure. When all the drones are deployed, the main structure can still continue to function normally. All drones have added protection benefits in that they can send an impulse to another vehicle to disable it.

The interior design is inspired by a woven structure made using aluminum wire inside a carbon fiber and polymer resin. All the interfaces within the interior and touch screen and for even greater protection, windows are not included in the vehicle. The windshield is also replaced with a large screen which also communicates critical information to other drivers. The vehicle, which is designed to run on alternative energy, comes with energy recovery systems on the body panels that allow it to absorb heat energy from the highway concrete to supply to the engine.

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