Adamastor SmartWind: Eco friendly electric catamaran powered by wind energy

There is no dearth of concept boats and yachts that claim to be designed to run on electric engines, thus reducing carbon emissions whenever on the sea. With environmentalists not fully satisfied with electric engines, unless electricity used to recharge batteries comes from renewable sources, designers have mostly tried to integrate solar energy generators that generate enough energy to power the boats completely or at least partly.

Portugal-based designer Manuel Carvalheiro has now come up with a concept boat that could be the first electric catamaran that runs on energy harvested by an onboard vertical axis wind turbine. Dubbed Adamastor SmartWind, the concept combines ecological sustainability and economic return in a leisure product. The catamaran users a variable geometry wind turbine that guarantees power during usage and more importantly allows the boat to produce energy even during docking time.

The power generated by the onboard wind turbine is used to recharge the batteries, which further propels the boat forward. Moreover, when the boat is not at the sea, the energy generated by the turbine can be transferred to the grid for use.

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