National Zoo unveils solar powered carousel with figures of endangered animals

In an effort to educate children conservation of species and energy, the National Zoo in Washington has opened one of the few solar-powered carousels in the world. Apart from running entirely off-the-grid, the carousel also includes animal figures representing many endangered animals. The Smithsonian’s zoo features hand-carved and hand-painted figures on which visitors can enjoy a ride for just $3.

Funded primarily by the Speedwell Foundation, the $2.3 million carousel runs entirely on solar energy supplied by 162 solar panels mounted on its roof. The solar energy generating system has been donated and installed by Pepco Energy Services and the zoo authorities claim that excess energy is redirected to the zoo’s electrical grid.

The eco friendly carousel represents 58 animals including elephants, pandas, frogs, hummingbirds, blue crabs, and lions among others.

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