Trash collected from Everest turned into recycled art

After the first ascent was made in the year 1953, Mt. Everest has been climbed by over 4000 people, who along with making their names in the record books have also contributed to the estimated 50 tons of trash left on the highest peak on the world. As you can imagine, bringing down all that trash from the summit isn’t as easy as going through a landfill. However, 65 porters and 75 yaks have toiled hard in the last two years to bring down about 8 tons of trash from the slopes, some of which has been donated to an art club in Nepal.

The club has made use of all that trash, which includes cooking gas containers, oxygen tanks, broken tent poles and even parts of a helicopter that crashed on the mountain in 1974, to create eco friendly sculptures. The sculptures have been designed to raise awareness about the litter problem on the beautiful peak. 15 artists from the club have created 75 pieces from recycled raw materials including wind chimes and an idol of the Hindu God Ganesha. The Art Club Nepal hopes to raise enough funds to have the sculptures installed on permanent display in the Everest region.

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