Rizoma’s 77|011 bike is just as fashionable as your party dress

There is no denying that bicycles are making a comeback as the primary mode of transportation for thousands of urban commuters. Catching on with the trend, bike manufacturers are also trying to lure customers with modern bikes that feature everything from weird looks to high-tech features. Italian motorcycle accessory company, Rizoma, has now come up with a luxurious bike that is designed to be a fashion statement.

The bicycle, dubbed 77|011, lacks the conventional extended seat tube and geometrically manages to distribute the rider’s weight for stability. Made using carbon fiber and aluminum, the weight of the bicycle is kept down to just 17 pounds. The transparent bike frame is complimented by the bike’s minimal belt-drive propulsion system that with a pull of a lever and flip of the tire can switch from fixed gear to single speed. As you can well imagine, fashionable things don’t always come cheap and if you want to ride the luxurious Italian beauty, be prepared to shell out $4800.

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