Artist plans to build the world’s biggest and the most expensive sculpture in Abu Dhabi

Artist Christo, who is renowned all over the world for his larger-than-life installations of environmental art, is now planning to better all that he has created in decades with a colossal structure that according to him will be the biggest and the most expensive permanent sculpture in the world. Christo’s new plan calls for the creation for a 150-meter-high mastaba, a structure that was first envisioned by Christo and his late wife and partner Jeanne-Claude way back in 1979.

Called “The Mastaba”, the structure will rise 482 feet from the desert floor and will cost a whopping $340 million, making it the most expensive sculpture in existence. Taller than St. Paul’s Cathedral, the structure will also overshadow the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Mastaba will be made using 410,000 multicolored empty oil barrels and will be erected in Al Gharbia, 100 miles from Abu Dhabi city.

The barrels will be painted in colors inspired by the yellow and red sands to create a visual effect of an Islamic mosaic. Apart from being the largest sculpture ever created, the Mastaba will also be the artist’s first permanent sculpture. Construction will take about 30 months and involve hundreds of people. The barrels will be colored using paints produced by a German company which produces colors for Mercedes-Benz and BMW cars.

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