Flying Bike concept could change the face of bicycling forever

While there is no dearth of concept cars that could take to the air when need arises, industrial designers at Design Your Dreams are coming up with a unique concept for bike lovers, in the shape of a product they call the “Flying Bike Concept”. As the name suggests this concept bicycle is a little different from the usual bikes you ride and the difference is that it can fly when need arises.

It might sound a little too futuristic and unnecessary considering the fact that bicyclists don’t often get stuck in traffic jams, but the concept has been designed to provide bicyclists an option to see the bird’s eye view of the roads below at a fraction of the cost. Unlike conventional gas guzzling aircrafts, the Flying Bike Concept is all-electric with a total power output of 50W. The concept features four electric motors rated at 10W each, and three stabilization motors churing out 3.5W each.

The bike features a set of Li-Pol accumulators with a rated electricity energy capacity of 50Ah. The concept has been designed to be manufactured using lightweight aluminum alloy, keeping the total weight of the bike to about 85kg. The designers believe that their concept, if produced, could provide 3-5 minutes of flight time and about 50 minutes of riding, before the battery runs out.

The futuristic concept will have its own share of problems before it is ready for production. The design of the bike is unique and it would be interesting to see how riders will manage to ride a bike with four propellers sticking out of the frame. It could be fun while the bike is in the air, but pedaling an 85kg bike could be demanding after the battery runs out.

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