Live Share Grow dual-purpose vertical farm to produce 10 percent of San Diego’s produce

According to the FDA, residents of San Diego need about 21,310,000 pounds of food a year. While California is presently good enough to grow all that food, rise in population along with a decline in land reserves open for farming could soon change the condition. Addressing the issue, Southern California designer Brandon Martella has come up with an innovative proposal to design a dual-purpose vertical farm that can be built in downtown San Diego.

Christened the Live Share Grow, the green tower could produce up to 10 percent of the city’s food requirements and also provide eco friendly live/work spaces. One side of the tower provides space for residential apartments, while the other side is a large-scale hydroponic vertical farm. The eco friendly vertical farm will reduce its dependence on the city’s utilities by harvesting waste, gray water and black water. While gray water will be used for infused aquaponics and waste could be combusted for thermal energy.

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