World’s fastest train with maglev propulsion to hit a speed of 310mph

Whether it comes to building robots or fast trains, Japan has always been on the forefront of technology. The Central Japan Railway is now showing what the technology advanced island nation could actually achieve, by revealing plans to build the world’s fastest train that can run at 310mph. Unlike trains that run on wheels, this new train will be based on the use of magnetic propulsion technology that will help it minimize friction.

The “floating train” will run on tracks using electromagnetic fields and not wheels. With 16 carriages, the train will be able to carry 1000 passengers and will initially run between Tokyo’s Shinagawa station to Nagoya – a trip that currently takes 90 minutes, but will be cut down to 40 minutes with the new train.

The developers state that the new train will be operational from 2027 and the rail line will be extended to Osaka by 2045 at the cost of about $100 billion.

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