A4A Design unveils sustainable cardboard furniture for green homes and public spaces

Lately, we’ve been reporting about a lot of cardboard creations, including a cardboard bicycle, cardboard firearms and a cardboard wheelchair too. Being easy to recycle and reclaim along with the ability to make it durable, designers have taken on this often neglected packaging material and giving it a new green life. The latest to jump on the bandwagon with cardboard creations is A4A Design with their sustainable cardboard furniture dubbed Havearest.

Havearest is all about eco friendliness and comfort in furniture that is made from recycled cardboard. Intended particularly for large public spaces, the furniture units would look just as graceful inside a modern green home. The range includes an armchair and two-seat sofa that are made entirely from recycled and recyclable cardboard that is given shape using water-based glue.

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