The Goldfish Garden: Self-contained aquaponic aquarium cleans itself up

The Goldfish Garden is an innovative self-container aquaponic aquarium fish tank that doesn’t need to be cleaned every week like other aquariums which you might already be having. Moreover, this unique product, which features a patent-pending design, lets you effortlessly grow herbs, such as basil and oregano, without adding any water or nutrients whatsoever.

The system essentially features a glass water tank perfectly sized for a small goldfish, with a planter on top. When you feed the fish all the waste it excretes collects at the bottom of the tank, from where an air-powered pump pushes it along with water to the roots of the plants growing above. The plants filter the water by extracting useful nutrients, before pushing filtered water back into the tank.

The compact system can be placed on a window sill where the plants can make use of natural light for adequate growth. However, if you intend to use in system in darker environments such as your office, the designer has also designed an optional lighting accessory that brings light to the plants and helps minimize the growth of algae into the system.

The designer states that though the system doesn’t frequent cleaning, once you decide to clean it, which might be a case after months of use, you simply have to pull the one way valve at the base of the tank to let out all water without disturbing the fish or the plantations above. All you have to do is to feed the fish and the self-sufficient system takes care of the rest. The Goldfish Garden is currently on Kickstarter to raise adequate funds for full-scale production.

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