AquaHarvest rainwater harvesting system reduces use of potable water

Out of the total water consumption of any average household, about a third is used for irrigation and gardening, something which isn’t in lines with the current environmental condition. With about a billion people in the world striving hard to obtain just a few liters of freshwater every day, it becomes necessary for the urban world to regulate freshwater consumption and harvest rainwater for tasks such as gardening or washing the car. The AquaHarvest by industrial designer Bernardo Bajana aims to do just that in a more convenient manner.

Rainwater harvesting systems currently available on the market today are either too expensive or too difficult to use and maintain. Most affordable rainwater harvesting systems, which come in the shape of trashcans, do collect a considerable amount of water, but reusing all that water is a tad difficult. The AquaHarvest, on the other hand, deviates from the traditional design of rainwater harvesting tanks and takes up a much more aesthetically pleasing and convenient shape.

The system makes use of modern and clean materials that allow it to be placed in any outdoor space. IT provides the user with a range of options to reuse collected rainwater without any frustration. The beautifully designed system comes with two watering cans and a standard hose that can be used for gardening or washing a car. The hose and the watering cans are supplied water by a pump that runs on solar energy harvested by photovoltaic cells placed on the rainwater harvesting system.

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