Concept folding electric bicycle uses your Smartphone to authorize the ride

Bike manufacturers have been trying hard to make bicycles a more modern way to commute in an eco friendly fashion by bestowing bikes with high-tech features and even Smartphone integration that helps you get all bike-related data on its display. Designer Johan de Beer is taking the concept one step further with a new concept folding electric bike that seamlessly integrates with your Smartphone and apart from delivery you valuable data, also uses the app to authorize your ride.

The folding electric bicycle, dubbed the Yin-Yang Electric Folding Bicycle, comes with a chainless drive mechanism and lithium-ion batteries that can easily be removed and replaced with fully charged ones if you they die before you reach home. The concept bicycle’s pedals work as a range-extending mechanism to charge the onboard battery while you’re pedaling.

The high-tech concept bike also includes an electronic control unit that regulates pedal feedback through sensors and sends all related information to the Smartphone application.

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