Modular Home 03: Self sufficient eco dwellings made using GRP

Constructing new houses to accommodate the growth in population is a tough task not only for the architects but for the environment too considering the amount of waste and CO2 emissions related with building construction. To ease the process on both ends, architect and designer Fernando Grasso has come up with a modular home that can be built easily with glass fiber reinforced plastic or GRP.

While plastic isn’t exactly a green material, but the end result that the designer plans to give it to, will definitely be eco friendly. Dubbed Modular Home 03, the concept dwellings are made to be maintenance free so you don’t have to paint them again after every couple of years. Moreover, the robust houses can be produced in factories, thus minimizing waste on the site.

The homes are designed to be manufactured in a series production environment, much like a car, and the owners will be given the option to add more modules without making any changes to the already built structure. New modules, such as new bedroom, will come with all facilities such as a bathroom, water tank and storage space, letting owners increase the size of their home in a breeze.

The self-sufficient dwellings are designed to be powered by solar panels and wind turbines along with heat pump.

Thanks: [Fernando Grasso]

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