Exclusive: India’s first and the fastest built prefabricated building comes up in Mohali

With architecture and infrastructure firms around the globe planning to build prefabricated homes and buildings to reduce on-site construction waste and associated carbon emissions, Indian infrastructure firm Synergy Thrislington has completed constructing the country’s first 10-story prefabricated commercial building, dubbed “InstaCon”, in a record time of just 48 hours.

Construction on this revolutionary building project started on 29th November, 2012 at 1630 hours IST and the building is expected to be completed in a couple of hours from now. In an exclusive interview with EcoChunk, Mr. Jeevan Kumar, Senior Manager at Synergy Thrislington, said that the 10-story tower is built on an area of 16 m x 16 m, and the ground floor of the new commercial building will serve as the new office of Synergy Thrislington, with the other nine floors being made available to other companies for setting up offices.

Kumar further stated that more than 80 percent of the work had been already done in factories and the high efficiency mode of construction enabled them to deliver the completed building a just a couple of days. The building technique not only helps waste and energy consumption but it is also certified to withstand earthquakes measuring nine on the Richter Scale.

Kumar also stated that though the construction cost of the building is quite similar to building a similar tower using conventional techniques, a lot of energy and time are saved. All the components of the building are manufactured in factories and come pre-fitted with floors, water supply, wirings, sanitation, air conditioning ducts and everything else. The modules have been installed on-site by a team of 200 highly skilled technicians and workers using just three cranes.

While most of the building is made using steel, concrete is used only in foundations and 3-inch deck floorings. Moreover, since only 20 percent of the work is done on-site, emissions of flying dust and water contaminated is minimized. Synergy Thrislington is now planning to build more structures using the same principles of “InstaBuild”, making sure that construction in India gets cost effective and above all environmentally friendly too.

Thanks: Mr. Jeevan Kumar [Synergy Thrislington]

All Images & Video by Mr. Navdeep Jerath for EcoChunk

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